What is Angioplasty

What is peripheral Angioplasty?

This is a minimally invasive puncture hole technique performed from the groin or the arm. It is performed under local anaesthesia. It is done mostly when there are narrowing of the arteries preferably involving short distances.

When is surgery needed?

It is mostly indicated when the artery is totally blocked and calcified (more common in diabetics) preventing the guide wire from entering the blocked artery.

How is peripheral bypass surgery performed?

  • It is performed under anaesthesia – spinal or general
  • It needs hospital admission
  • There are incisions on the body which would need time to heal

Who is more prone to arterial disease?

It is commoner in Smokers, diabetics, hypertensive, people with increased cholesterol levels and those with renal disease.

Can lifestyle changes increase the risk?

It is commoner in obese people who lead a sedentary life continue to smoke and eat unhealthy foods.

Content Reviewed by – Dr. Jaisom Chopra

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