Venous Incompetence

This is generally overlooked by most people and there is under-appreciation of the problem.

The common manifestation of CVI is dilated veins – telangiectases, reticular and varicose veins.

CVI affects the venous system of the legs with venous hypertension responsible for leg pain, swelling, skin changes, and ulceration.

Varicose veins have incompetent valves with increased venous pressure leading to progressive dilatation and tortuosity.


  • Varicose veins are estimated as 5-30% in the adult population.
  • Male to female predominance is 1:3. However recent studies show male to predominate over females especially over 50 years where the male incidence was 21.2% and female only 12%.
  • CVI increases with age and there is no sex difference.

Content Reviewed by – Dr. Jaisom Chopra

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