What are the treatment options for venous disease?

There are several non-surgical and surgical options available for each type of venous disease. The aim of the treatment is to reduce symptoms and reduce complications. The mainstay of the treatment is compression stocking, and elevation of the legs to reduce the pressure.

Can we cure venous disease?

Defective venous valves of varicose veins cannot be replaced or fixed. However superficial venous reflux can be repaired by surgical removal or the defective vein or by ablating it by heat or by injection sclerotherapy.
Deep veins cannot be fixed like superficial veins. They cannot be closed shut or removed like superficial veins. The only way is valve repair in a few isolated cases (neo-valve).

Chronic venous disease evolves with time. Treatment consists of methods to reduce the ‘ambulatory venous hypertension’.

Phlebologists (specialists dealing with venous and lymphatic disease) all agree that compression stocking is THE basic treatment of venous disease. This is why medical compression stockings are recognized as medicine.

Compression stockings with ambulation will promote the venous blood return, decrease venous hypertension and slow down the progression of a disease.


Diseases of the veins are common, relatively easy to treat and rarely life-threatening if treated. If thrombosis and insufficiency are treated it improves the quality of life. If ignored or not properly treated the patient may land up with disability and life-threatening complications like pulmonary embolism.

Content Reviewed by – Dr. Jaisom Chopra

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